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Safety – I will be sharing my location with another party during our time. I do this for all meetings. It is for my safety. Also, I do let my other party know that I am okay once we’ve met and every other interval, whether I am leaving from one location to another with you or during times you or I use the restroom. 

Offering – Before we meet, it is expected that you have visited my website and are clear about the offering that is due immediately upon our meeting.

Proper handling of offering – Please place your offering in an envelope. Whether at your place or mine, please put the envelope in clear view on a table. Do not hand your offering to me.

Negotiations – The rate for my time is absolutely non-negotiable.

Hygiene – Before we meet, I ask you to prep yourself regarding hygiene. Being freshly showered, hands washed, freshly brushed teeth and mouthwash is expected as your most exceptional presentation. If you visit me, you may take a shower upon arrival.

Punctuality – If you’re running late, I expect an update from you within 15 min of the beginning of our time, preferably before. IF I CAN ACCOMMODATE, I will happily adjust time. If not, then our time will end as agreed when scheduled.  If I have not received any communication within half an hour of our session, I will consider our session cancelled. Cancellation policy applies here.

Encounter – If you would like to extend your time with me, please ask if you may. 

DepositNo deposit required for well screened and established clients in good standing. 25% deposit required for multiple provider experiences, 3+ hour dates, and at my discretion. 50% deposit for travel dates. Full payment may be required for anyone not in good standing who wishes to become in good standing. Deposits accepted via Wishtender, CashApp, or gift cards (please ask which ones.). In the rare occasion I need to cancel, your deposit will be refunded immediately.Rescheduling may require deposit or full payment upfront. Communication goes a long way here…

CancellationsCancellations within 24 hours are subject to 100% of donation.Cancellations within 24-48 hours are subject to 50% of donation.In the rare occasion I need to cancel, your deposit will be refunded immediately.Again- COMMUNICATION goes a long way here

Discretion – I always respect your privacy and never acknowledge our acquaintance should we cross paths in public. I expect the same courtesy in return.

Disrespectful Behavior – If you are more than mildly inebriated, aggressive or if you fail to respect my boundaries, I will be forced to end our time abruptly. No refund is given if this happens.