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Prep That Clit and Why Magnums are the Racist Condom

GO SLOW! Get that clit PREPPED! You want her pussy soft, fat and WET before penetration. And don't forget, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH USING LUBE!!!! A woman not getting wet is not necessarily a direct correlation to her turnon or ability to orgasm. There are many reasons we can't get wet sometimes. Reasons that are out of our control. So be kind. Use lube :) 

Also...Magnums are the racist condom. She's right. I've always hated regular Magnums. Haven't you noticed how horrible they feel???? I have much better suggestions for the more well endowed. And equally great suggestions for those needing a smaller fit. Safe sex is smart. Your condom actually fitting you and knowing how to put one on correctly is key. But, that's a whole other blog! And looks like I'll have to get my Suggestions list going soon.


Part 1- The Vulva



Julia Eve


Photo by Deon Black on Unsplash