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The Average Size of A Clitoris is 4-6 Inches Long???

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash


Did you know that a clitoris is much MUCH more than the little bead you can see at the top of a pussy?

Did you know that it's mostly internal? 

Did you know that it gets erect *just* like a penis does? 

Do you know how to play with it?

If you follow this line of logic just a little bit further...

Would you try penetration while having a totally soft cock? 

So. Yeah. Can you hear the next line of logic about to spill from my lips? That. The thing I said in one of my earlier blogs and will continue to sing from the mountain tops.

GET ME HARD PLEASE!!! *Then* fuck me.  

You're welcome.

For all you sex nerds out there:


Your Fellow Sex Nerd, 

The Desire Provocateur