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Tell Me What You Want

As Dr. Emily Morse likes to say, “Communication is a lubrication.”

Yes! You filthy, dirty animal, a little dirty talk can be fun! That’s not quite what she’s trying to say. 

The other day, I had a wonderful new friend come to visit. I greeted him enthusiastically with a hug and a kiss at the door, he wanted to take a quick rinse, and then he sat down at the edge of the bed, wrapped in a towel. 

He then asks, “can we talk first about what sort of session I’m interested in and about what you enjoy? See where we might make the most of our time?”

YES! Absolutely. Definitely. PLEASE!!!! As I tempered my screaming-for-joy insides in response, he let me know that his intimacy needs are fully met at home, and was looking to satiate his raunchier side. 

While I’m adept at figuring out what’s wanted and leading a session, I haven’t figured out how to read minds. To the extent you tell me what you want, what your desires are for our time together, is to the extent I can give them to you. And that is why I am here! I’m here to give you what you want (within reason, natch.) My role is that of a fantasy fulfiller, desire satiatior, and erotic curator.


Equally as important? My pleasure.


When someone is direct with what they want, it turns me on. Because my get off is connected to your get off. And, I PROMISE your get off will be much greater if I stay in my pleasure. Think of our experience together like a Venn diagram. There’s a circle filled with your desires. There is a second circle filled with mine. Then, there’s where those circles overlap. That’s where we can potentiate our experience. Part of my job is to find, as quickly as possible, where that overlap is. Being that time is of the essence here, the more information I have, the quicker I can find that overlap. Of course, there is also something to be said for the natural discovery of desires as time allows. *wink wink*

May I ask- what is it you desire in this moment with me?

Yours truly, 

Julia Eve