About Me

"I refuse to live in the ordinary world as an ordinary woman, to enter ordinary relationships. I want ecstasy." -Anais Nin

About Me:

The conversation between your fingers and someone else's skin. This is the most important discussion you can ever have.

Lover of the erotic arts, sensualist, kinkster. A sex educator that works with people in creating more of the intimacy they crave in relationship; through communication, anatomy lessons, techniques, and in learning how to drop into deep, meditative states through touch and vulnerability. Or, through a moment of simple, deviant fun!

I had a baby in early November 2022, and am currently lactating. 

I enjoy the thrill of meeting someone new and also the deepening possibilities of exploration when you get to know someone. 


Name: Julia Eve Main City: Austin, TX Sex: Female Body Type: Slim Curvy Measurements: 36C-30-39 Height: 5' 6" Weight: 150 lbs Race/Ethnic: White Age: 39 Availability: Incalls/Outcalls 1st Language: English 2nd Language: Spanish Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Brunette Hair Type: Straight Hair Length: Short Breast Implants: No Grooming: Bald Smokes?: No Likes: CONSENT. pretty dresses. high heels. fun sneakers. yoga. Weightlifting. flowers. gardening. the spa. the opera. sex. pleasure. orgasm. MAKING OUT!!! reading. deep philosophical discussions. pedicures. education. dancing. singing. eating delicious foo Dislikes: explicit talk before screening. foul odors. strong cologne. Accept Credit Cards: Cash & CashApp Available to: Men, Women, Couples, Polyamorous Dynamics, Parties Shoe Size: 8 or 8.5/9 in heels Shirt Size: Medium Dress Size: 8/ Medium Panties/bottoms: 30/ Medium


Not ready to commit? Don't have references and feel uneasy about sending your screening information to someone you've never met? Want to simply see how things feel between us before meeting in a more private setting? 

I offer public meet and greets for $200. We can grab a coffee/drink and chat in person.

Please note this is ONLY for you to meet me in person and feel comfortable sharing your details. I still expect to see your ID. A private date will be schedule for a SEPERATE time AFTER we have parted ways and I have completed screening you. 

Please do not ask me explicit questions before we meet. My rates are for my time. I can assure you I have a wide range of tastes and experiences. I approach our time together as I would any other intimate relationship. I have desires. You have desires. Let's discover where they overlap ;)   

Rate Session Service Details
$200 USD Public Meet & Greet over coffee/drink- only to meet me for screening purposes ***read above***
$500 USD 1hr Incalls
$700 USD 90min Incalls
$900 USD 2hrs Incalls
$300 USD Incalls each additional hour
$100 USD Outcalls Outcall fee within 30 min of North/Central Austin (In addition to Incall rate)



Safety – I will be sharing my location with another party during our time. I do this for all meetings. It is for my safety. Also, I do let my other party know that I am okay once we’ve met and every other interval, whether I am leaving from one location to another with you or during times you or I use the restroom. 

Offering – Before we meet, it is expected that you have visited my website and are clear about the offering that is due immediately upon our meeting.

Proper handling of offering – Please place your offering in an envelope. Whether at your place or mine, please put the envelope in clear view on a table. Do not hand your offering to me.

Negotiations – The rate for my time is absolutely non-negotiable.

Hygiene – Before we meet, I ask you to prep yourself regarding hygiene. Being freshly showered, hands washed, freshly brushed teeth and mouthwash is expected as your most exceptional presentation. If you visit me, you may take a shower upon arrival.

Punctuality – If you’re running late, I expect an update from you within 15 min of the beginning of our time, preferably before. IF I CAN ACCOMMODATE, I will happily adjust time. If not, then our time will end as agreed when scheduled.  If I have not received any communication within half an hour of our session, I will consider our session cancelled. Cancellation policy applies here.

Encounter – If you would like to extend your time with me, please ask if you may. 

Deposit – When I set a time to see you I make myself unavailable for other appointments, please only book appointment times you will be available. 25% deposit may be required via cashapp or Amazon gift card for new friends and 3+ hour bookings. Full donation may be requested for anyone who has cancelled more than once, or no showed in the past, in order to secure a spot in my calendar. Deposits are non-refundable and go towards the total donation. In the rare occasion I need to cancel, your deposit will be refunded.

Cancellations – Cancellations within 24 hours are subject to 50% of donation.

Discretion – I always respect your privacy and never acknowledge our acquaintance should we cross paths in public. I expect the same courtesy in return.

Disrespectful Behavior – If you are more than mildly inebriated, aggressive or if you fail to respect my boundaries, I will be forced to end our time abruptly. No refund is given if this happens. 


Tell Me What You Want

As Dr. Emily Morse likes to say, “Communication is a lubrication.”

Yes! You filthy, dirty animal, a little dirty talk can be fun! That’s not quite what she’s trying to say....

The other day, I had a wonderful new friend come to visit. I greeted him enthusiastically with a hug and a kiss at the door, he wanted to take a quick rinse, and then he sat down at the edge of the bed, wrapped in a towel. 

He then asks, “can we talk first about what sort of session I’m interested in and about what you enjoy? See where we might make the most of our time?”

YES! Absolutely. Definitely. PLEASE!!!! As I tempered my screaming-for-joy insides in response, he let me know that his intimacy needs are fully met at home, and was looking to satiate his raunchier side. 

While I’m adept at figuring out what’s wanted and leading a session, I haven’t figured out how to read minds. To the extent you tell me what you want, what your desires are for our time together, is to the extent I can give them to you. And that is why I am here! I’m here to give you what you want (within reason, natch.) My role is that of a fantasy fulfiller, desire satiatior, and erotic curator.


Equally as important? My pleasure.


When someone is direct with what they want, it turns me on. Because my get off is connected to your get off. And, I PROMISE your get off will be much greater if I stay in my pleasure. Think of our experience together like a Venn diagram. There’s a circle filled with your desires. There is a second circle filled with mine. Then, there’s where those circles overlap. That’s where we can potentiate our experience. Part of my job is to find, as quickly as possible, where that overlap is. Being that time is of the essence here, the more information I have, the quicker I can find that overlap. Of course, there is also something to be said for the natural discovery of desires as time allows. *wink wink*

May I ask- what is it you desire in this moment with me?

Yours truly, 

The Desire Provocateur 

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The Average Size of A Clitoris is 4-6 Inches Long???

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

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Prep That Clit and Why Magnums are the Racist Condom

GO SLOW! Get that clit PREPPED! You want her pussy soft, fat and WET before penetration. And don't forget, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH USING LUBE!!!! A woman not getting wet is not necessarily a direct correlation to her turnon or ability to orgasm. There are many reasons we can't get wet sometim...

Also...Magnums are the racist condom. She's right. I've always hated regular Magnums. Haven't you noticed how horrible they feel???? I have much better suggestions for the more well endowed. And equally great suggestions for those needing a smaller fit. Safe sex is smart. Your condom actually fitting you and knowing how to put one on correctly is key. But, that's a whole other blog! And looks like I'll have to get my Suggestions list going soon.


Part 1- The Vulva




The Desire Provocateur


Photo by Deon Black on Unsplash

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Sex as a Practice

You know the old adage, "practice makes perfect." 

In a sense, that's true. From a different viewpoint, perfection is an illusion. 

The truth is, what we're really searching for is Mastery. Mastery of any skill requires time on the mat. It requires experience. It require...

Some people are more intuitive when it comes to sex. I have always had very open, and accepting, beliefs around sex and intimacy. Even as a young girl, I longed to connect with others in a physical way. And didn't really see how that had to extend to commitment or a romantic relationship. Why not spend time touching, caressing, kissing, fucking a friend? A stranger? What a great way to get to know someone!

But no matter how in touch you are with your body or your sexuality, you can always learn something new. 


You can learn anatomy (which most of us are not taught adequately.) You can learn techniques (which most of us have gathered from porn.)


Not sure if you know this yet, but porn is NOT the best way to learn about sex! I mean, I love good porn just as much as the next guy, it can be hot to watch with a partner, and provide great fodder for masturbating, and sure you can even get some fun ideas to explore! BUT. A very big BUT. It is NOT the best way to learn about sex.  And, currently, it is the main way we learn about sex. [insert sad face emoji here]

You don't see all the prep work that goes into each scene. You don't see the amount of faking involved. You don't see all the lube that was injected before a woman is fucked to high heaven.



When you are trying to get fitter, do you go to the gym once or twice and expect results? NO. When you start a yoga practice do you expect to nail all the poses immediately? NO. When you learn to play an instrument, doesn't it take many, many hours of attention, energy, and PRACTICE to even be kinda good at it? Let alone MASTERING that skill? 

Find someone (or someones) that you can practice with! Be willing to make mistakes. Be willing to laugh about something not quite working as you thought it would in your mind. Be willing to fail. Find a Mentor. Someone who knows the art of pleasure and how to help you learn to become more intimate in your own relationships. Because, sure, getting your dick sucked is great. But understanding what you like, what you don't like, and how to replicate that in other experiences is the practice of sex. 

And who doesn't want to Master the art of sex?

Yours Truly in Practice, 

The Desire Provocateur

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Educational, Sexy, Fun Musings & Tidbits Coming Soon!

To be so intelligent in so many ways, yet so ignorant...so UNEDUCATED...around our sex and intimacy is, well, dumb. 

How well do you really know your body? Your partner's body? Or how they work together? Have you taken time to consider the art of negotiation in the erotic realm? Do y...

Desires. Boundaries. Trust. Safety. Dirty thoughts!!! All are important.

Let's talk about it?

Signing off, 

The Desire Provocateur


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Safe Sex Community Resources

The Kind Clinic- Free sexual health services for EVERYONE in the Austin & San Antonio area


Phone: 1-833-WE-R-KIND   (1-833-937-5463)

Kind Clinic is committed to serving anyone who needs access to sexual health services. It is our goal to eliminate the stigma around sexual health and wellness for all!

Vivent Health- Comprehensive HIV Prevention & Treatment In Austin

Order FREE condoms, lube & at home testing kits here: